Monday, August 22, 2005

Interesting article on speeding tickets

Saw this site - "Ticket Killer". They sell themselves with AdWords (Google Sponsored Links). They have an interesting page where they compare themselves with other options, including lawyers.

Their page is:

Here's what they say, with my criticism:

>In most traffic matters, attorneys are not a practical choice, since they often cost more than the fine and offer you no guarantee of beating your ticket.<

It's true that I offer no guarantee. However, in my opinion, their guarantee is worthless. I do cost more than the fine, but I save you money on your insurance rates and protect your license. I also handle it so you won't have to go to Court (usually).

>The less time an attorney spends preparing your case, the more money he or she makes per hour, whether you win or lose (most traffic attorneys take cases on a set fee, not hourly). Therefore, attorneys are in a sense motivated to spend the least amount of time possible on fighting your ticket.<

I guess this is true, but I never thought of it this way. I don't think about my hourly rate for my work on this. And I don't really "fight" tickets. I negotiate a reduction for my clients. I can fight them when appropriate, but most of the time that's a bad decision for the client. If you fight your ticket you will probably lose, whether or not you have a lawyer. It usually only makes sense to fight a ticket when the best deal offered means you will still lose your license. So far, my success rate in negotiating tickets for my clients is 100%, often saving them substantial amounts on their car insurance.

>To have a successful practice an attorney has to have dozens of ticket clients pending at all times. For the most part they count on general tactics and not a defense specific to your circumstances. Do you believe that your attorney spends hours preparing your case, researching and preparing case law etc. when you are not around?<

To be really successful, an attorney has to have other work besides speeding tickets. I actually do have dozens of tickets pending, but that's not enough to sustain my business. And I do use the same general tactics - because they work. I negotiate with the prosecutor and get reductions for my clients.

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