Monday, December 05, 2005

Struggling with success as a lawyer

Things are going well. I've got tons of speeding ticket cases, along with a decent flow of DWI matters. Icing on the cake is the occasional personal injury case that comes in.

Now I have to manage all of that work, while still marketing and all of that. Haven't persuaded my wife to quit her job yet, but we're making progress.

Today I may be dropping off some work for a recent law school grad who's studying for the bar. Nice to give someone some part-time work, and hopefully it will help keep my cases moving. She has personal injury experience so that should help.

I forgot to mention that, besides managing the practice, there's my wife and two kids at home who like to see me once in a while.

I'm also trying to branch off into online legal content and web marketing for lawyers. Working on that with my brother. Creating a site in memory of Daniel Cady. Got a guy in Syracuse transcribing all Cady's letters and we'll put them on the web in the form of a blog. Also have plans for a directory of traffic courts and a serious but funny site about dead lawyers.

And then there's the screenwriting hobby. Came up with a good line for my "Personal Injury" TV series -- "Is that a $100,000 check in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" We'll find a way to work that in.

So maybe I have too much on my plate??

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