Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cops, prostitutes and the dying population centers of Central NY

Well that was interesting. I recently had the pleasure of visiting one of the population centers in Central NY. My client was charged with having something you're not supposed to have. I'm pleased to report that the case was dismissed (thanks, of course, to my fine legal work ... and a good judge, reasonable prosecutor, and some well-written laws).

Anyway, the circumstances were interesting. Client approached a woman on the street and invited her for a drink at a bar. She declined. He then asked if she'd like to try an illicit substance. She agreed, and then arrested him. She was an undercover cop, posing as a prostitute. I should note here that there's no indication my client made any attempt to seek sexual contact with our intrepid police officer.

When I was in Court, the lawyer next to me had a similar case where a different woman cop from the same police force was also posing undercover when his client offered her a substance about which the laws of the State of New York are not quite as tolerant.

What is going on in Central NY where so many women cops are doing undercover work posing as prostitutes? I've been handling criminal defense in Albany Schenectady Troy etc. for over three years now and haven't even seen one case like this. It's my impression that there is a fair amount of prostitution going on here, but maybe Central New York has us beat on this industry.

Word to the wise - don't have sex with prostitutes. So many reasons why this is a bad idea. Following the great Joycelyn Elders (our former Surgeon General) I have to suggest that sex with a prostitute can't be that much better than masturbation.
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