Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another dubious "lawyer" website: New York Traffic Ticket Solutions

I found another dubious traffic lawyer website today. It's nytrafficticketsolutions -dot- com. It does not identify who the lawyers are, if any, that work with this "company" - New York Traffic Ticket Solutions.

I did a whois lookup and the administrative e-mail address is a Canadian site. Indeed, the site looks remarkably like the Canadian site, trafficticketsolutions -dot- ca. The whois shows a guy named Kevin Markis. This savvy marketer posted a comment on a speeding ticket blogpost: http://www.wisebread.com/fight-your-speeding-ticket-save-yourself-some-dough
where he said that his Canadian website would be a great help.

Oh, and the address shown on the whois is:
55 America St
Newyork, NY 10019-5497

I couldn't find an America Street in New York City, and that 9-digit zip is the same as The Museum of Modern Art.

I like the line on their site:
"Our professional staff of Lawyers and Paralegals specialize and concentrate solely on NY traffic tickets."

Of course I called just now. It does not appear to be the same as the previous fraudulent website. The person who answered the phone claimed she is a paralegal. I asked for the office address and she said that they're in upstate New York. She had a distinctive Canadian accent (I represent many Ontario drivers and one of my best friends is from Timmons).

The other day I had a call from someone in Long Island who had been looking at the other fraudulent lawyer website I've posted about: New York Traffic Tickets -dot- US. He was thinking of hiring them and read my posts, and wanted to thank me and ask for a referral to a real attorney.

Well, at least I'm doing something worthwhile with my life. You'd think the government would protect consumers from stuff like this ... oh no, wait, that's why I'm a Ron Paul fan.
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