Sunday, March 29, 2009

DWI Consequences: Travel to Canada

DWI lawyers frequently get clients who just want the case over with. We lawyers can usually get the charge reduced to DWAI. Then everything's hunky-dory, right?

Here's a sobering lesson from a client who took a DWAI:

is there ANY WAY to get this charge changed to something else?? i cross the canadian border A LOT for work, and every time i cross i have to pay $200 canadian, and risk not getting in as it's at the will of the border patrol officer. if there is anything i can do to change the charge on my record, or clear my record completely...i'd be willing to partake in anything, or do/pay anything to make that happen. please advise me on this, as it's a really really important part of my job that i be able to cross the border with no problems.

i hate that this one thing is goin to haunt me for years and years. let me know if you know of anyting i can do.

Read more at this Canadian immigration FAQ.

Another reason not to drink and drive; and to fight any DWI charge.
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