Thursday, April 02, 2009

Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents

In a previous post I mentioned that New York was set to add speed cameras to our highways. That has apparently disappeared from the budget.

The budget does have a substantial increase in red light cameras. They say it's not for the revenue but rather for safety. Right. Check out this Corpus Christi article on red light cameras. The National Motorists Association has a great page on it too.

It's not about safety folks. It's about the money. That's why it's in the budget bill.

Two thoughts:

1. Beware politicians who talk about being tough on crime. They're talking about you, your children, your friends, and others you care about. We've always been tough on murderers and rapists.

2. Beware politicians who use police and courts for revenue. Courts should be about justice. Police should serve and protect. Instead we've turned our police into trolls under bridges.

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