Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texas speeding and traffic fines and points

Searching the web for something else, we came across the image below. It describes the fine and point schedule for Texas traffic tickets. If you click on it, it should enlarge.

Looks like on the high end, it's almost $500 for a very high speed in a work zone with workers present. On the low end, a low speed is $158.

As for points, most violations appear to be either zero or two points. If you have a low enough speed (like 71 in a 65), that's no points. And they have a surcharge if you get 6 or more points, starting at $100.

Altogether the fine and point system seems both simpler and gentler than here. In NY a high speed (31+ over) has a fine up to $85, plus an assessment of $450 or more.

This is also useful information for Texas drivers who get NY tickets. When we negotiate deals for you, we know what deals will give you points and what won't.

We finished our Texas Traffic Court directory a while ago. Some of the busiest courts we see from our site are:

Houston Municipal Court
Humble Municipal Court
Pasadena Municipal Court
San Antonio Municipal Court

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