Saturday, May 13, 2006

Speeding ticket fines: Is NY the highest?

I got a call from Ontario the other day. Woman was charged with 96 mph in a 65 mph zone. I gave her the bad news. Maximum fine is $600. $55 mandatory surcharge. On top of that the DMV "Drivers Responsibility Assessment" is $450, for getting 8 points within 18 months. Total of about $1100.

Her response: "New York is brutal."

A while back I looked at NJ fines, and I think they top out at about $250. The insurance rates there are the big deal. So I'm wondering if NY is the worst. Perhaps my readers can help out with this one? I still can't believe I have readers. :-)

The DMV assessment is new as of 11/18/2004. Apparently the State was trying to raise revenue, and its initial plan was to take the ticket revenue away from the towns. That didn't go over well, so they came up with this idea.

So really it's just another set of taxes. A completely unfair, arbitrary and brutal set of taxes. It does make it easier for me to sell my services, but it still ain't right.
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