Friday, March 09, 2007

Town Court site keeps doing well ... Athens falloff

Our traffic court website continues to do well. Weekly traffic is rapidly approaching 6000 visitors. Before last week the site never had two days in a row with more than 1000 visitors (Mondays are usually the biggest day of the week). The last two weeks we've had three days in a row of 1000 visitors, and Thursday was over 970. The site has over 1000 courts now and we have all or most of the courts in 52 counties in New York (out of 62) plus 4 counties in New Jersey. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are coming soon.

We continue to get feedback. Most of it is positive, but occasionally court staff will complain about a perceived unfavorable comment. It seems that the larger purpose we're striving for with the site (making better information available about traffic courts - apparently something that thousands of people are looking for) is far less important than the innocuous comment that could be read the wrong way.

A number of the courts continue to get a lot of visits. Guilderland Town Court continues to be the top individual court. It was the first one in the directory and for a long time the town website did not have a page about the court. But others are gaining. Albany Traffic Court (i.e. Albany City Court - Traffic Part) is right behind, with only one less visitor in the last two weeks. Rotterdam and the various New York City traffic courts also draw a lot of traffic.

Visits to the section on New Jersey traffic courts are also growing, though that's less than 10% of the visits at this point.

One court that used to do well has declined. Athens Town Court used to be one of the busier pages, but now that particular page doesn't even seem to show up on a web search, with the page for Greene County courts showing low on the first page. The Athens court gets a lot of speeding tickets from the Thruway. Despite having only a mile and a half of Thruway in the town, there is apparently one U-turn that is heavily used by the Troopers for catching speeders. I assume the reduced placement on searches is a temporary thing.

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