Thursday, March 15, 2007

What gives with East Hampton Town Court?

Looking over the court data, it's interesting to see how some courts have a high volume but don't seem to get much attention on our website.

Most notable is East Hampton Town Court, which appears to be the 13th busiest justice court in New York State, has been in our database for a while now, and yet does not make the top 500 pages. There is no interstate highway, and can't have any through traffic because it's at the end of Long Island. That probably explains it.

Similarly, Southampton Town Court is the 3rd busiest in the state, but also does not make our top 500. For some reason these pages are not doing well on Google searches, but it's also likely that they just don't get the volume of through traffic, which I think are the people most likely to look online for court info.

For some reason we didn't have Port Chester Village Court in the database. It's #6 in the state, so I added it today. I also added Hempstead Village Court, which is apparently #1.

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