Thursday, November 08, 2007

Traffic Court - 50K Visits

We hit a new milestone for our Traffic Court website. From October 8 to November 7, there were 51,000 visits. First time we broke the 50K mark.

October 8 was actually a relatively slow day, so tomorrow we will probably hit two other milestones -- 45K unique visitors (some people visit more than once) and 120,000 pageviews.

There are a lot more traffic courts in the hopper about to be added to the site, so growth will continue.


Anonymous said...

Now the work begins to change all the Judges that just got elected.

Unknown said...

Our plan, at some point, is to do a physical mailing to every court asking them to post a comment on their court page with any changes. I'd like to do this once a year, if not more.

With the current database it will cost about $1000 to do it. As we add more courts it will cost more, but that's not a lot of money.

Site revenue is currently around $30K/year, so $1K/year to get it right is worth it.

Aivlos said...

haha... does that mean ppl drive crazier nowadays in the US? been to albany once, traffic was not bad.