Saturday, March 08, 2008

Truck Accident cases in Albany NY

Someone suggested we add a truck accident page to our website, so I did that today. Accident cases involving tractor-trailers are typically higher-value cases, due to higher insurance coverage and the severity of the injuries. Fortunately they are also rare.

I revised some other pages on the personal injury section of the website while I was doing that. The neatest thing now is I added a map in satellite image form. That's thanks to Google Maps, and the image is linked to that site. Then I discovered a really cool feature they now have on their maps -- a street view. It works for us. Looking at the Google streetviewdoes indeed show our building.

Note a minor weakness in their mapping (a problem with other sites as well). Our building is 255 Washington Avenue Extension, but mapping that gives you the wrong location -- too far west. Mapping 225 Washington Ave. Ext. puts it right on our building.

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