Monday, March 03, 2008

Traffic Court News

Our traffic court directory is doing well. The Alexa "rank" is approaching #600,000 (i.e. the 600,000th busiest site on the web). By comparison our law firm site is ranked over 2,000,000. Alexa is not perfect, but it's in the ballpark. Within the US the site is now within the top 100,000 websites.

We've added a lot of traffic courts in Ohio. So far not many people are going to the Cincinnati Traffic Court page, but that will probably pick up. We also have substantial progress with Virginia traffic courts, which is now the third busiest state page on the site.

We've revised the underlying code to enhance security along with making our work on administration of the site easier. We are working on the "lawyer's club" feature, and hope to have that up and running within a few months.

We now have well over 2000 courts in the database with courts in 11 states. We have several attorney advertisers and make substantial revenue from Google ads as well. We actually had a profit for 2007 (though not much), and we are optimistic about the future of the website.

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