Sunday, September 07, 2008

Vote for Steven Vasquez

The congressional primary is Tuesday - voting is from 12 noon to 9 pm. Please make sure you get out and vote.

And Republicans -- vote for Steven Vasquez. There are three big reasons why you should:

1. Steven supports small government, and he really means it. His opponent talks the talk, but he is part of the GOP establishment that has ballooned government in NY, and the US, for over a decade. You can see this in the campaign itself. Steven's campaign has run lean, spending almost all of the campaign funds on campaigning - lawn signs, mailers, and phone calls to voters.

2. Vasquez has worked hard on the campaign. I met Steven in 2007 while we were both working on the Ron Paul campaign. He worked tirelessly for Ron Paul, and then continued to work on the congressional race. He has built a team of loyal volunteers who believe in him. If you want someone who will work for you in Washington, Steven is the choice.
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