Thursday, November 23, 2006

More NY traffic courts

Our town court directory project is moving along quite nicely. We're now over 500 courts and not all that far from 600 courts, and I think we've got all or part of 41 counties online. I even did a test court in New Jersey.

Some of the court pages getting the most attention include:

White Plains City Court
Dutchess County Court
Clarkstown Town Court (in Rockland County)
Farmington Town Court (in Ontario County)

The site is getting a lot of use. In the last non-holiday 7-day period there were nearly 2500 visitors. It's slowed a bit with the holiday so just under 2000 for the past 7 days, but if it's like most holidays, Monday will be a big day.

As always, we appreciate any comments or suggestions about how to improve the site.