Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christine O'Donnell?

Some time ago, I acquired the domain name in an auction on GoDaddy.

A candidate for US Senate in Delaware had allowed her domain name to lapse. I bought it fair and square in that auction. I've done the same with a few other websites, both here in Albany and distant. The idea originally was to preserve the historical record of those campaigns.

Due to some controversy that developed, and a dishonest tactic used by O'Donnell (claiming a copyright violation) to try to shut down the site, I have changed a bit. With her site in particular, I removed all copied content and substituted original content. She likes that less apparently.

Anyway, I was stunned when national Tea Party groups turned to her campaign. She caught fire. I saw a result - traffic to my site about her shot up. It saw maybe 20 visits a day for a long time. Then it jumped to as many as 800 visits. A couple days before the primary it climbed to 2000 visits, then 2500. On primary day it was over 7000 visits. And the day after it was 25,000. Wow!

The graph below shows the hockey stick effect.

Traffic has gone down somewhat since then, but it's still in the thousands per day. I've added Google ads and am getting fairly good revenue. As a lark I've added a Christine O'Donnell Nude page just to see how many perverts there are in our country.