Monday, April 14, 2008

Los Angeles Traffic Courts

We made some progress on our directory project, adding all the superior courts in Los Angeles County. Superior Court in California seems to handle just about everything, from simple traffic tickets up to murder cases and civil cases too.

A couple of the more "happening" traffic courts there include Beverly Hills Superior Court and Malibu Superior Court, which have had quite a few celebrity cases. Makes for fun research. You get your DUI cases involving Mischa Barton, the Hilton family, and Mel Gibson. Then you get the odd ones like the pregnant woman who killed a parking attendant and was sentenced to house arrest.

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Unknown said...

Van Nuys traffic court is one of the worst....first the court was 10 minutes late letting people in, second the bailiff was a dick, court is bad enough without having a dick bailiff, and third the Judge that day 17th of August 1:30,
was not even a sworn in Judge, so her ability to help was moot...took a day off work to have my bail decreased and she says "are you hadicap?" WTF are u kidding me....horrible system