Saturday, April 19, 2008

San Diego Criminal Court - The Marine Widow Case

We finished the San Diego Superior Courts, and I came across a great story in the process. It's apparently called the Marine Widow case, and that link is to a story about it. Heard in San Diego Criminal Court.

Short version: Marine dies. Wife responds by getting a boob job with the life insurance money, joining wet t-shirt contests, and shagging other soldiers. Also buys herself out of substantial credit card debt. Some chemical tests showed high levels of arsenic in the dead marine's body, so they charge wifey with poisoning him. She gets convicted but reversed on appeal because her lawyer was defective. On the second trial, it turns out that the chemical tests were crap. The numbers on some were so high they were impossible, and on others they were normal.

What did we have here? Reckless prosecution, apparently failing to disclose evidence indicating innocence. Incompetent defense lawyer, but fortunately saved by a more than competent defense lawyer. Apparently Allen Bloom is the go-to guy in San Diego. And an attractive woman and mother of four gets stuck in jail for well over two years unjustly. American justice at work!

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