Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Traffic Court News

Our Traffic Court website has shot up in the world a bit. According to Alexa, the site is now among the top 350,000 websites in the world. That's a big jump, but not really because of an increase in the importance of our site.

Alexa changed the way it measures websites. They had been criticized for some time for relying too much on their own "toolbar". It's unclear exactly how they've changed their measurement, but it appears they are adding other techniques. For us it's great, but others are unhappy with the change.

Who knows if it really means anything. We know that visits to our site have grown. We're very close to a consistent 60,000 unique users per month. We've added a bunch of new courts in California, Florida and Ohio. Sooner or later those pages will start to attract more attention and the site traffic should go up a bit more.

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