Tuesday, June 07, 2005

DWI in New York - Out--of-state drivers

I just handled another DWI case with an out-of-state driver. It's a dramatic difference. A New York driver faces so many consequences from getting a DWI charge. Most do not apply to out-of-state drivers.

A typical first DWI will get reduced to DWAI. The driver will pay a fine in the neighborhood of $500 or a bit less. They will have to attend a victim impact panel. They will generally have to participate in the Drinking Driver Program (DDP), which is a big hassle. They will have to pay $250 per year extra to DMV for their license. None of this applies to an out-of-state driver.

Also, an New York driver will generally get whacked on insurance. I'm not sure what the odds are, but I'd bet most out-of-state drivers don't get any impact on their insurance. Total cost when you're all done can be $5000 easily.

The one penalty that does apply is that your privilege to drive in New York State is suspended for 90 days. Same thing happens with a New York driver, but the NY driver does the DDP and gets a conditional license. If you don't drive much in New York State, there's no big deal about the 90-day suspension.

I should note that Quebec and Ontario drivers probably do face similar consequences to New York drivers if they get a DWI, because there is a special arrangement there.

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