Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Youth discrimination

I have a little chip on my shoulder about societal discrimination against young people. I was 18 when the NY drinking age went to 19, and was 19 when it went to 21. So I was illegal, then legal, then illegal, then legal, then illegal and finally legal again.

I see these issues now in my work. Police to some extent target young people for traffic stops. Today I got a proposed plea agreement on a traffic ticket, and the DA specifically mentioned that my client is under 21 in offering a plea that is not as good as I would usually get.

There are a variety of other concerns -- the age of consent, emancipation rights, and even larger issues such as abortion and social security are relevant because they have a disproportionate impact on younger people (not many 45-year-olds get abortions; those of us under 40 doubt we will ever get Social Security benefits; etc.).

So I'm trying to get a new political party started: The Youth Party. I figure the main issue early on would be the drinking age, as that issue should be popular on college campuses. There are larger issues, but this one should be a consensus.

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