Monday, January 02, 2006

Busy lawyer

Now I'm getting busy. On one day a couple of weeks ago I was in Troy City Court at 8:30 am, Albany City Court (Criminal) at 9:30, had a mediation at 11 am, met a client in the office at 2:30, and went to another traffic court (dwi) at 4 pm. The next day I was in two courts, and the day after that I was in three courts.

Tomorrow I'm starting a personal injury trial, and at 6:30 pm, I'm meeting a client for a DWI case. Trial should wrap up the next day, and I'm meeting a prospective personal injury client at 7:30 pm. And the next day I have some depositions in the morning and then traffic court at 6 pm. Finally, on Friday I'm having a cardiac stress test, which seems appropriate. :-)

The reality of being a lawyer -- no one cries for us. In my case, no one should. I love all of the above. It's the paperwork that gets to me. I think a lot of trial lawyers feel the same. Instead of sitting at a computer or settling disputes between secretaries, we'd rather be in a courthouse hanging around with other trial lawyers, chewing the fat and telling war stories, talking to juries, cross-examining a doctor, and rolling dice on the gamble that is personal injury law (or criminal law, etc.).

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