Saturday, May 13, 2006

More on speeding tickets for out-of-state drivers

Out of state drivers continue to get speeding tickets in NY. Back in October I posted a few times about how this can affect them in their home states.

They keep calling. I've had some more call from Pennsylvania recently. Speeders from NJ and MA continue to call as well.

So far it seems that most states recognize NY speeding tickets, so most out-of-state drivers benefit from having a NY lawyer get them a reduction. In one case I got a call from a Delaware driver. He had pled guilty to a ticket for 85 in a 55 zone here in NY. Delaware suspended his license. Ouch!

For most tickets, we are able to get reductions to non-speeding violations that either don't show up at all in the home state or have a lesser impact if they do show up. I've never had a client call back and report that a reduction I've gotten them did show up. (Update: As of 6/23/2007 we have had one client (out of hundreds) report that a NY 1110(a) showed up on his NJ record and it counted for 2 points. We now shoot for 1175 of the V&T Law - we have seen a similar violation on an NJ record with no points).

If you're ticketed for a high enough speed, we're probably not getting you out of speed. But as our Delaware friend learned, we may save your license. And in any event, with high speeds in NY, we will save you more money on fines than we charge you.

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