Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our traffic court directory continues to grow

I was stunned just now. Our traffic court directory has been growing. We're over 700 courts now. Lawyers in local courts come up to me and compliment me on the site. Seems like it's helping a lot of people.

Traffic to the site has been growing, and I thought we would soon have a week with 3000 visitors. I checked our statistics today and we had nearly 4000 in the past 7 days. I checked it three different ways to be sure. Quite a burst. The police must have been writing a lot of tickets in the last couple of weeks.
Brief update -- for the seven-day period from 1/6 to 1/12, we actually had almost 4200 visitors. Some were repeats, so the "absolute unique visitors" total was a bit over 3700. I think we were reindexed by Google so more of the courts in the database are showing up on searches. The 500th most visited page on the site, for Pawling Village Court in Dutchess County, had 3 unique visitors in that 7-day span, and the tie for last (1 unique visitor) was held by 130 pages. Over 190 pages on the site had 10 or more unique visitors. The top page (which shows the list of counties in New York State) had 740 unique visitors. This last statistic is quite interesting, as it means that 80% of the visitors came into the site without touching the main page. This is even more dramatic with my law firm site, where a bit over 10% of unique visitors go to the main page. Many websites focus on their main page and expect most traffic to come in that way.

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