Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Airlines lawyer up ...

We recently took a week of vacation. I'm now digging out from the pile that creates. I'm currently in the office at 10:10 pm, and don't know when I'll be going home.

Anyway, on the flight down there was an interesting moment. The fasten seatbelt light was on, and I think we were either in the descent or ascent part of the flight. A passenger asked a stewardess (yes, I said stewardess not flight attendant - sexist pig) if she could go to the bathroom.

The stewardess said something like: "FAA regulations prohibit me from saying yes."

The passenger did not get it. She asked again, as if she hadn't heard the answer. The stewardess said something like "I can't tell you yes." The passenger asked at least one more time, and got a similar answer. The stewardess walked away to her next task.

The passenger sat there for about thirty seconds, talked with the passenger in the next seat, and then got up and went to the bathroom.

I'd love to know what the training was for flight crew on this issue. Were there actually lawyers in the room during the training? Ya gotta love America. :-)

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