Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More on attorney advertising and traffic court

I was looking at our Traffic Court directory and noticed an ad (we host Google ads through their AdSense program) from a website I'd seen before -- newjerseytraffictickets -dot- us. They're also at newyorktraffictickets -dot- us. I mentioned it before on another post about attorney websites and ethics. In short, this is a website I think is phony -- it's not really a law firm but rather a scam website.

So I check out their site again and I see, on their "about us" page, a picture of three men in suits -- see below.

Now the page refers to: "Our seven (7) lawyers)", but the photo shows three men in suits. Do these three men work for this firm? Are these the lawyers? Are they lawyers at all? They do look very impressive. However, I think the guy on the left is James Baker and the guy in the middle is Edwin Meese, both of whom worked for President Ronald Reagan.

Check out this photo of that trio:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently this stellar law firm in Woodbridge, NJ, has three former cabinet officials from the Reagan administration working to handle traffic tickets in New Jersey and New York. I do have to admit that a lot of judges would be impressed if James Baker walked into court to handle a speeding ticket. Not only that, somehow this firm has managed to restore all of them to how they looked when they were in the White House 20 years ago. Just amazing!

I was so curious I called the number - 866-907-9722. Result: an automatic voice messaging system for "Traffic Ticket Law Office", and the mailbox is full. I did some more searching and found some law firms in the building, but they don't look like traffic lawyers. More details from my search are in the previous post.

Now that the attorney website rules are in effect, you'd think that our fearless court enforcers would do something about this nonsense, and yet we have seen nothing. And some people are probably actually being hurt by this scumbag website.

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