Monday, August 20, 2007

Traffic Court: Connecticut

I think we've finished with the courts in Connecticut. The Superior Court pages get far more views than the Judicial District Court pages. I think people are just more likely to search on Google for "Superior Court" rather than "Judicial District Court." The top court of all is New Haven Superior Court. The top J.D. court (the J.D. is not about juvenile delinquency) is Tolland Judicial District Court in Rockville.

I haven't really figured out yet what the deal is with CT courts. Judicial District courts are really also part of the "Superior Court" system, with the other part being "Geographical Area" courts. I think the traffic cases are in the J.D. courts and other things happen in the G.A. courts, but I don't have that for certain yet. Comments on this are more than welcome.

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