Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More problems with iPhone activation

I just posted last night about my problems with my iPhone. At the end of that post I mentioned that I was next going to activate two more iPhones (one each for my associates - and yes, there really is a business purpose in mind). I thought it would be quicker to activate the next ones because I had gotten past the creating an account problem with AT&T.

Nope. It's taking longer, and there is no end in sight.

I got that e-mail message 8 hours ago now. For some reason my second iPhone is not activated yet.

Of course I called AT&T customer service, and they were absolutely no help. The rep insisted there is no such thing as an iPhone activation specialist at AT&T, even though I talked to Darameli last night who told me she was an iPhone activation specialist for AT&T. The rep gave me a number for Apple customer support. They're not open until 6 am Pacific time. I will be in court this morning so I don't think I'll get this resolved for maybe 20 hours.

So far I'm really unimpressed with the quality of customer service at AT&T and Apple. This is really a let-down as far as Apple is concerned. I don't expect much from cell phone companies, but I expect more from Apple.

I should stress that I deliberately started this process last night, at night. Why? Because when you switch over your cell phone number, it's supposed to take about 6 hours (not 8 or 20). By doing it at night, this prevents me from having problems with calls during the day when I make money using my cell phone. The whole purpose of my doing it that way was defeated by incompetence at AT&T, Apple, or both.

Here's a simple message for both of them. I am your customer. You are supposed to care about what I think. So far this year I have spent in the ballpark of $5000 on Apple products, and just signed up to spend in the ballpark of $8000 on AT&T service over the next two years. Why on earth would you do this to a customer who is trying to pay you lots of money?

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