Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rensselaer Train Station

Several years ago a new train station was built for Amtrak in Rensselaer. I don't remember all the details, but it cost a huge amount of money. $55 million sticks in my head, but maybe that was before the cost overruns.

I'm sitting now in the station waiting for a train. On the drive up I noticed that the old station buildings are still there, and they don't look so good. Seems like there was no plan as to what to do with the old buildings when they built the new ones. You would think, with all the traffic that goes right by them, both in cars and on foot, that there would be a value in turning them into retail space. Or maybe tearing them down and putting in some stores or restaurants there.

Nothing doing. It's gotta be five years now. That's the brilliance of government planning for you.

It's also obvious that the new station is not being maintained all that well. Not terrible, but the waiting area chairs look like crap. They're also uncomfortable. They probably didn't budget for the cost of upkeep for things like that. The rest of the place looks okay, but not outstanding. It hasn't been here that long though.

On the plus side there appears to be free WiFi. That is appreciated.


xxnemesis2010 said...

Okay-looking-place with wi-fi and bad chairs...
Sounds like it's much better than you describe :P
I found your blog on a google search... it is so neat.

xxnemesis2010 said...

so that's why there were are no comments after 4 years... why prevent commenting though?