Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smelly Returns

Almost a year ago I wrote a blog post about a DWI lawyer I referred to as Smelly. This was not a reference to any odor, but rather a play on his name. I've never even met the guy, and have only talked - briefly - with one lawyer who has worked with him.

I mentioned in that post a perception among DWI lawyers about him. Well, now I found some gold. See the website and video below:

So, do you want a lawyer who claims to have created the biggest DWI law firm in New York State in just 20 weeks, and who is trying to sell his business model to others?

Or do you want a DWI lawyer who sticks to his local area, keeps all his DWI work inside his firm, publishes the names of all his attorneys on his website, and is focused on getting you the best result possible?

It's not just us. There are a number of good DWI lawyers, both here in Albany and in other parts of the state, who focus on representing their clients instead of on building and selling a business model.

And by the way, the lawyer I mentioned who worked with this firm ... we interviewed him and didn't hire him. That firm doesn't publish the names of the attorneys who work for him ... and so you don't know who will be handling your case. With our firm you know - it'll be me, my associate Christian (our young gun who manages our DWI cases), or my senior associate David (a former prosecutor who manages our traffic practice). I don't need to hide who they are because they're good.

The interesting thing about him selling his marketing model is the throwback to a variation of that. For years a law firm here advertised themselves as "The Heavy Hitters." It turned out that there were (and still are) plenty of other "Heavy Hitters" in other markets, as close as Syracuse. You can read more about the Heavy Hitter thing by clicking on the previous link. The Heavy Hitter thing is an advertising model put forth by Group Matrix. Check out the Group Matrix video. About halfway through you'll see a familiar local firm. :-)

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