Monday, June 23, 2008

Google Analytics, Dublin and Digiweb

I've noticed through Google Analytics, for some time now, that my sites get unusually heavy traffic from what appears to be one user in Dublin, Ireland. Nearly all visitors from Dublin are using Linux with the Mozilla browser with Digiweb as the network location. I see the same thing on each of my websites that I look at.

So either there's a massive hive of people using one set of identical computers in Dublin, or maybe it's really a bot/spider indexing the web.

Comments appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. What was the site and refer string?

Unknown said...

Good question. Analytics does not provide that information, and I don't know how to figure out which visits in the server log these are so I could get that information.

For our traffic court site, the Analytics indicates that the Dublin visits landed on 32 pages 5 times each, 40 pages 4 times, 2 pages 3 times, 1 page twice, and 8 pages once.

It also indicates that the Dublin visits are almost all classified as "new" visitors. That probably means they are using different IP addresses.