Friday, May 01, 2009

Albany Lawyer Gets Rear-Ended

There's some kind of irony or poetic justice in this. I got rear-ended yesterday. Stopped at a traffic light, and an SUV behind me bumped my car. Even though my kids were in the car, it's easy to laugh about it because the damage seems so minimal. There's a crack in the top of the rear bumper. That's the only visible damage.

I'm going to get it checked out. Bumpers have something inside to absorb the damage of a hit. That is an important feature of your car, and it may be impaired by a minor collision. But you can't see it. Getting it checked out, and fixed if damaged, will protect you the next time.

And please people - be aware of following too close (i.e. tailgating). I did a blog post on that a few years ago. It's the most common cause of accidents and it's so easy to avoid. Just follow a little further back and slow down a little sooner.

The poetic justice or irony, by the way, is that I'm a car accident lawyer and traffic lawyer.

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