Thursday, March 18, 2010

Driving Record and Car Rentals

Most of our speeding ticket clients are concerned about insurance rates. But we also get calls from people who don't own cars. They rarely drive and when they do it's a rental.

So a common question is: Can my driving record affect my ability to rent a car?

The answer is yes, it can. As an example, see this FAQ answer from Thrifty.

Certain things they look for:
1. Suspended or revoked license
2. Eight points in the past two years
3. Three moving violations in the past three years
4. Two accidents in the past three years
5. During the past four years, any of: reckless driving, fatal accident, operating without insurance, vehicle crimes, failure to report or leaving the scene of an accident

The 8-points thing is odd. Every state has its own point system. It's much easier to get 8 points in NY than it is in California.

So, if you rent cars, this means it's not a bad idea to hire a traffic lawyer to help with your ticket.

See also this NY Times article on car rentals.


Jeff Vachon said...

It also occurs to me that people who rarely drive may have excellent driving records though they are not very experienced on the road.

Admin said...

Another cool post. Looking forward to more of your writings.