Sunday, November 14, 2010

Albany Lawyer: What we do

I'm not sure I've ever written up a summary of what we do in our firm. We cover a few areas of law.

Personal Injury Lawyer

We handle a small number of personal injury cases, usually from car accidents and motorcycle accidents along with a few other areas.

Most of these cases are in or near the Albany area, but we do take some further away. We keep the number small by only accepting cases where the injuries are serious.

Criminal Defense

We handle a broad variety of criminal cases. The two most common areas we see are from drunk driving (DWI and DWAI) and marijuana possession.

Other cases we see include:
Petit Larceny (usually shoplifting)
Grand Larceny (mostly alleged employee theft or contractor disputes - both usually strong cases for the defense)
Aggravated Harassment (typically when someone keeps calling, e-mailing or texting their ex)
Criminal Possession of a Weapon (often in the Albany Airport)
Federal Criminal Defense (border-related offenses and drugs)

Our criminal defense practice is almost entirely within the greater Albany area (within about 100 miles). We do handle some cases further away, especially minor marijuana offenses. But for more serious cases, it becomes too expensive for most clients to pay us to travel.

Traffic Lawyer

We handle speeding tickets and other traffic offenses across most of New York State, covering almost every court north of New York City. We don't handle New York City or Long Island.

In addition to simple traffic tickets we see some criminal traffic cases involving aggravated unlicensed operation and reckless driving. We usually get these reduced to non-criminal violations.

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