Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Traffic Court - Growth Continues

Our Traffic Court website continues rapid growth. The image below shows we had nearly 300,000 visits in January, compared to 170,000 the year before. That is 74% growth. Going back to January of 2007, we had 19,000 visits.

Other milestones in January include 70,000 visits in a week. That happened twice. We had only done 60,000 once before. We also had our first day with over 14,000 visits and that happened six times. But even more outstanding, we had a day with over 16,000 visits, and darn close to 17,000.

Top 10 courts for the month include some regulars from California, Ohio and New Jersey along with a busy court in Nassau County NY:

1. Moreno Valley Superior Court
2. Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court
3. Temecula Superior Court
4. Berea Municipal Court
5. Jersey City Municipal Court
6. San Bernardino Superior Court
7. Victorville Superior Court
8. Nassau County District Court
9. Parma Municipal Court
10. Indio Superior Court

Another amazing detail is the breadth of the site. The top 2 pages were viewed over 3000 times, while over 1000 pages were visited at least 100 times each.

Revenue on the site is also growing and we are close to making some changes in the site's internal search engine and in our traffic lawyer directory.

Hopefully we will find more attorney advertisers. If you're a traffic or criminal lawyer in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut or Massachusetts, each state gets over 10,000 visits a month and there's plenty of opportunity. We give free trials so you have nothing to lose.

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Jeff Vachon said...

Here I weas thinking I was the sole visitor each month. Now I discover I am not unique after all! Such a letdown ;)