Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soares Beats Kindlon

Based on election results reported so far by the Albany County Board of Elections, it appears that David Soares has soundly defeated Lee Kindlon the primary for District Attorney.

As of 10:23 pm, Soares is ahead 57% to 40%, with over half the precincts reporting. It seems like a very low turnout, so it is always possible that Kindlon will come back. But with this wide a margin, it sure doesn't look likely.

This is a sad day for Albany.


It's gotten worse. Just a few minutes after the original post the count was updated:
Now nearly 75% of the precincts and Soares actually gained a little. This one's over. Soares will be District Attorney for another four years.

In other news, Phil Steck appears to have won the Democratic primary for the 110th Assembly district. He'll have a tough race in November.

And Frank Commisso lost his primary to Patricia Fahy. Hopefully Ted Danz will win that one in the general election. It's an uphill climb for a Republican but Ted is a great guy.

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