Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Handling speeding tickets

The strongest part of my website, in terms of what seems to draw clients, is the traffic and speeding section. A lot of the clients I get are from out of the area. They're driving from downstate to Vermont, or Boston to Buffalo, or something like that. They get a ticket in Albany, Schenectady, Rotterdam, etc. If you think about it, how are they going to find a lawyer here?

If a local person gets a ticket, they may already know a local lawyer, or they can look in the local yellow pages. But an out-of-towner doesn't have those resources. So they look on the web. I run pay-per-click ads on Overture (Yahoo + others) and Google, and I also pay for higher rankings on Overture search. Also, several of my pages are optimized fairly well (like my faq page for speeding tickets).

Once they get to my site they see fairly quickly what I can do for them - I get them a reduction, and they don't have to come to Court. There are no guarantees on either, but I haven't had a problem yet. They also see how much it will cost them and why it is worth the money.

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