Sunday, May 08, 2005

Learning more about blogging

As I get into blogging, I'm learning about other blogs out there. Saw an interesting one by "Ernie the Attorney", talking about people finding his site through Google (which is how I found his site). I have worked pretty hard on my firm website to make it do well on Google searches, so I thought that was interesting to see. He talks about the search terms that bring people to his blog. Mine come from searches for things related to local place names (like Albany, Schenectady, Colonie, etc.) along with relevant topics (like speeding tickets, traffic court, dwi, etc.).

I'm pretty psyched about my one very successful non-local listing - I'm #2 on Google for the search phrase - marijuana lawyer. I have a page on the topic of marijuana defense, and I've been a prominent critic of the drug war for quite some time, with a very relevant website: Repeal.NET.

I'm trying to find more blogs relevant to the topics on my blog, but that's going to take time I guess.

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