Saturday, October 29, 2005

Court Security

Saw this post on court security. This has been a hot topic since 9/11, and it's a load of baloney. Courthouses have no greater need for security than any other significant building. When inmates come to Court, they come with guards. Certain courts (especially courts dealing with family problems) had security issues before 9/11, and they were addressed already.

9/11 triggered a massive overreaction. Now every courthouse has guards at every door. One small county I practice in has six officers assigned to guard one door. The courthouse where I used to work, in Fulton County, New York, has extra security measures since 9/11. I've got friends from Albany who can't find the Fulton County courthouse. Osama isn't looking for semi-rural courthouses, and even if he was, he'd have trouble finding them.

Of course, experienced trial lawyers like me have a special sense enabling us to find courthouses. It's almost like a smell. Can't explain it, but I'm going so far off topic now I better stop this post.

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