Thursday, October 27, 2005

Traffic Court -- Random chance

It's amazing how random results can be in traffic court. Yesterday I went to one court in the morning. This is a busy court in a large town in the area. My client had a ticket from a NYS Trooper. High speed, with another minor violation. The Trooper was somewhat difficult and I could not get as good a reduction as I hoped for.

Then, last night I went to another court. This was the least busy court I've ever seen. I was there for about 45 minutes (got there early and chatted with the judges, a deputy, and others). It's in a very small town in an outlying county. I got one of the best deals ever for this client. He had four different charges. Two were dismissed, and one of the remaining two was reduced. Went from about 7 points to 2, and the judge set the fines pretty low also.

That's life as a speeding ticket lawyer

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