Saturday, February 25, 2006

Interview on Schenectady Public Access

I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Ernie Tetrault for Justice Now. We discussed criminal justice issues and some other topics. Very nice experience.

Well now Ernie tells me it's actually going to be on television. Okay, that's not really a surprise. The show will air on the local UPN affiliate, cable channel 4, on Sunday, 2/26, at 11 am.

I'm particularly flattered that Ernie asked me to interview others. So I persuaded my friends Dan & Joe Masucci to come on the show. Dan & Joe are local indie filmmakers. Both live in Schenectady County, and are natives of the Albany area.

They are almost done making a film called "The Last Round". So I interviewed them about the process of making an indie film, and also about this particular film. They managed to get a celebrity, William B. Davis, to appear in the film. Davis is best known as "The Smoking Man", or "Cigarette Smoking Man", from the X-Files TV series, but he has done a lot more than that in his career.

My interview of the Masuccis will appear sometime in the next few weeks.

We continue to look for good interviewees. A major focus of our interviews is criminal justice issues, and perhaps more important, injustice in the system. Beyond that we want to hear from potential interviwees on general topics of interest in the Albany Schenectady Troy Saratoga area (and beyond).

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Anonymous said...

I caught your interview on UPN this Sunday and thought it was terrific.