Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lessons in lawyer advertising

Going through my bills for the year so I'll have all my expenses down for taxes.

Noticed a bill for $400 for "Prof Internet Directory". Figured out it's for a directory of attorneys called "AttorneyFind" dot com. I remembered it once I saw it. I paid $100 each for 4 listings (personal injury, drunk driving, etc.).

Well, I reviewed my web traffic and found that since 1/1/2006, I've had one (1) visitor to my site from that directory. By comparison I had 28 from, which costs about the same.

I notified them by fax, e-mail and letter that I want to be removed from their directory and that they should not charge my card again.

Perils of advertising. Some things work. Some don't. Nice thing about the web is you can tell which listings work.

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