Friday, March 31, 2006

Movin' on up!!

It's final. We're moving. We'll be leaving 1736-A Western Avenue on April 30th, and moving into 255 Washington Avenue Extension, Suite 108. The image above is of a nearby building that looks similar.

Our current space is a tolerable building in the parking lot of a restaurant. The building is poorly insulated and not very well maintained. The problems range from potholes to the super-loud firehouse siren across the street.

The new digs will have a lot of glass. The building, owned and managed by Tri-City Rentals, is both beautiful and well-maintained. We will have a corner of the building, and yours truly will have the corner office with 28 feet of glass.

It's outrageously expensive. By the time the 5 year lease has run, we'll have spent more on this space than the price we paid for our house in 1999.

But it's worth it. We're excited and very much looking forward to the new location. And easy walking distance from the Italian Community Center for lunch. :-)

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