Saturday, July 22, 2006

Life as a lawyer in Albany

As for the whole life as a lawyer in Albany thing (wasn't that the original purpose of this blog?), we expect to have our first associate starting in early August. This should free up some time for me to see my family more, get web work done (I've badly neglected the Daniel Cady website), and maybe get back to having a hobby. Regular people have hobbies, right?

Most likely I'll start doing Tai Chi and Kung Fu again. I'm in terrible shape now. I did Tai Chi and Kung Fu for a couple years and it was really good for me. For those who don't know, Kung Fu is really just ballet with a cool name, while Tai Chi is Kung Fu done really, really slow. Okay, I'm kidding, but sometimes it does seem like it. I could do other kinds of exercise, but this stuff is actually fun.

If you're into this stuff, Albany is actually a great place to be. The Capital District Tai Chi and Kung Fu Association is run by Jianye Jiang. This guy is known internationally for Chinese martial arts. He's got a wonderful program with lots of variety, and the price is very reasonable. There are classes that are good for old folks like me, and the Kung Fu is good for young whippersnappers and still allows old folks like me to give it a shot. I'm only 40, so I should stop whining.

It's at 1095 Central Ave, behind Little Anthony's Pizza. When I went it was on Colvin behind Kelty's Iron Horse Pub.

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TM said...

I'll be interested in reading (if there are any general tales to share) of life with an associate in the firm. I think there's a need for solos and small firms to hear more about bringing people aboard, in order to learn from each other. (yeah, i'm all mushy and sensitive like that)