Saturday, July 08, 2006

Problems with Yahoo continue

My problems with Yahoo advertising continue. See my previous post for more info on the past. After my dissatisfaction with their response about my "search" ads appearing on "content" pages, I contacted customer service to cancel my "LocalMatch" account.

I got an e-mail that said:
"We received your request to cancel your account. For security purposes, we request that you call us to cancel your account so that we can verify your information. Please call 866-YAHOO-SM (866-924-6676) or 626-685-5700 ...."

So I call, go through that whole process (maybe 10 minutes - not too bad I guess). At the end of the call, I'm told they'll send me an e-mail for verification that I want my money back. The e-mail came:

"If you would like to receive a refund for the remaining balance in your account, please respond to this email for verification."

So let me get this straight -- my initial e-mail needed to be verified by a phone call, and now the phone call needs to be verified by an e-mail. I know it could be worse (and I remember how difficult it was to cancel my AOL account some years ago), but why is this company going out of its way to annoy me, and presumably thousands of other customers like me?

Keep in mind that I came into web advertising with a very positive image of Yahoo. They keep eroding that image with a growing disregard for their customers. Shame to see it happen.

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