Monday, February 05, 2007

Paralegal wanted

Someone asked, so I figured I should post it here. We are looking to hire a paralegal with experience in criminal and traffic cases. See our listing on Craigslist.


Anonymous said...

You've left out the most important part of the job. How much do you pay?

Unknown said...

Apparently the above anonymous commenter did not click on the Craigslist link, or didn't read the whole thing. At the bottom it says 35-40K. It's in smaller print. Don't know why Craigslist did that, but it's there.

We have filled the position.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question for Albany Lawyer, Sir, I was wandering how the job market is for aspiring Public Defenders in NY who have just completed the Bar exam but have attended law school outside the US say, England for example?

Is experience needed to gaining employment as a PD? or is it better to gain experience first by say, becoming a paralegal and then taking the bar after some years paralegal work, again what are the chances of becoming a paralegal with an undergrad and masters degree in Law from England?



Unknown said...

I don't know, but I suspect the job market is tough for anything. In some parts of NY you might be able to get some "18-b" work in criminal and family court on cases where the PD has a conflict.

I know nothing about your chances of becoming a paralegal.