Sunday, August 10, 2008

Albany Websites

As someone who is seen by Albany media as a prospective advertiser, I sometimes get interesting information.

Back in May I attended an event in Colonie where one local media outlet (you can guess who) was bragging about its website. The sheet they handed out on this provided some numbers for April traffic; I'm adding current Alexa rank:

Media Company  Unique Visitors  Alexa Rank
Times Union218,50015,715

Not included in the list, has an Alexa rank of 81,075, higher than the competition. Meanwhile, is at 333,424.

Our traffic court website has an Alexa rank (today) of 309,504. We're actually ahead of the website for the local station of a network affiliate. As far as unique visitors go, we're just behind WTEN and WNYT. We are growing fast and have passed 75,000/month. At this rate there's a good chance we'll pass them by the end of the year. We will probably pass the Times Union sometime next year. Keep in mind that our site has a national appeal - we cover 13 states and will eventually cover the whole US and maybe Canada. The local media appeals mainly to locals.

Our Alexa rank is further behind. Many of our visitors look at only one page of our site. We hope to soon add content that gets them to stay a little, but that's not really what the site is for. People want the phone number of the court, or directions perhaps. They usually get that on the first or second page, and then don't need us any more.

Among leading alternative media sites, The Albany Project is back at Alexa rank of 778,303, and alt print media The Metroland is at 444,285.

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