Sunday, August 03, 2008

Milestones on the web

Our websites hit some new milestones. First, The Redlich Law Firm site had over 10,000 visits in July. We came close to that in both January and March, but this is the first time we went over. It wasn't that long ago we had only 6000 visits a month, so this is good for business.

Next, our Traffic Court site has a few highlights. We had over 80,000 visits in July, with over 70,000 unique users. And the site has now topped two million pageviews since October 1, 2005. One of the biggest areas of growth right now is in California. We've covered most of the state now, including the major population centers. The various pages of traffic courts in California had over 10,000 pageviews in July, up from a bit over 1000 in March and less than 7000 in June.

That's some growth! California is now the third busiest state on our site, and I suspect it will pass NJ (28K pageviews in July and growing) by December. Not sure if it will ever catch NY (83K - still have a few dozen courts to add to complete NY too).

Florida and Texas are also growing rapidly and we are adding courts in both. CT is still growing, while MA and RI seem to have leveled off. VA and OH are growing (and we are almost done adding courts to both), as is VT (but Vermont will never be huge).

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