Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lawyer Thoughts

Having one of those pensive moments.

- Sometimes being a lawyer feels like walking through a minefield. We have a map of all the mines, but the map is in the form of 10,000 large books. You can't carry them all with you, and it's kinda hard to remember everything.

- When you step on one of the mines, your fate (or your client's) is in the hands of someone like a judge. Fortunately, most of the judges apply common sense and use their discretion to get to a fair result. Unfortunately, there are a few judges who do not have common sense, or don't care about fairness.

- Big corporations can afford to hire big firms. They get a team of lawyers at $400 per hour or more who scrutinize every detail to make sure they don't step on any mines, and to catch the opponent if they step on or close to any mines themselves. This is one of the ways that the legal system tends to be tilted against the little guy. On the other hand, the big firms sometimes make big mistakes.

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