Monday, October 13, 2008

Why hire a traffic lawyer?

If you want a good reason to hire a traffic lawyer, watch this show of people going to traffic court by themselves. It's called Speeders Fight Back and it's on TruTV.

The site also has a list of future episodes.

The show is set in what looks like Plantation Traffic Court, part of the Broward County Court system.


Emm Gee said...

I am thinking of representing myself for my speeding ticket (11 yrs of clean driving history with no points in NY state) - to get my 65 in 45 (in work zone) to a 1110a. Should I hire a lawyer? Whats the value here?

Unknown said...

It depends on the circumstances. In some courts there is no negotiation. In others they won't negotiate with you unless you have a lawyer. In some places a lawyer will get a better deal than you'll get for yourself. And in some cases you'll do just as well. There might even be a court somewhere where you'll do better.

The advantages of hiring a lawyer:
1. We do the work for you.
2. You don't have to go to Court - saves you time.
3. Our results tend to be more reliable.

I should also note that in your situation - a work zone speed - some prosecutors get very difficult.